Spiritual Discernment

How do we talk and plan together, listening for God in the process?  Learn it from us in a workshop.

spiritual discernment

I know a faithful church leader who told his priest that he would attend no more meetings that began with the spiritual practice of Dwelling in the Word or any sort of “discernment.” He wanted meetings to return to agendas that included just discussing and voting on each action item. He is not alone.

But his priest knows that people meet to do their work more faithfully and effectively when they listen first to the Word and then to one another through a regular ritual where they hear everyone well, creating conversation that considers what God might be calling them to pay attention to.

Who could be against noticing God’s presence and activity in every part of the church’s life? But we think it will take more time and will seem uncomfortable.  How might we see the blessings of waiting on the Holy Spirit?

Would you like to have such a God-centered style of meeting? Would you like your leaders to learn how to do it, and through practicing it, find out why it’s important?  Host a Spiritual Discernment for Thriving in Change workshop and change the tone and direction of your meetings. Try it for awhile and see what you learn. Contact Jason Misselt at jmisselt@churchinnovations.org for more information.

What people say about this workshop:

“Our team actually made a discernment about an issue we are facing during the practice session, and without any rancor or embarrassment.”

“We brought real work to discern about, and the only thing that kept us from a finite result is we realized more people had to be at the table. We will invite them, now that we know how to do it.”

“This is not rocket science. I like that. This is simple, and we can do it.”