An Excellent Host; A Faithful Guest    

Learn how to be both of these in our workshop.  Have fun, too.

For years we suspected hospitalitythat our churches may not be the most hospitable places for visitors. So we have done things we hoped would improve that situation but to very little effect. Maybe we need to learn what it’s like to be a stranger or  guest.

We seldom venture out among strangers ourselves.  When we do, we keep our guard up. If we go at all, we are more comfortable if we can bring something,  donate something.  It gives us a sense of purpose and maybe a little control.

But what if we went as a guest somewhere, bringing “no purse, no bag, no sandals,” the way Jesus sent out the 70? What does it mean to be a guest before we are hosts? How might seeing the world as a guest help us learn to host?

If you’d like to know more about how to notice and receive hospitality from others and then to return the favor, come to a Hospitality workshop and get practicing! Write to Jason at, and help build bridges within God’s mission in and for the world.

What people think of this workshop:

“Be clear on expectation to be hospitable and welcoming to all, receiving each guest as a gift equally.”

“The handouts in this workshop were significant.”

“Real hospitality comes with no expectation of people joining our church.”

“Going out as a guest: the risk factor is huge but the fruits are sweet!”

“Our guests are gifts.”