Focus for Missional Action

We’re Very Busy Doing Everything!  

If this sounds like you, come learn how to focus in our workshop.

focus on missional action

“We’re very busy doing everything that needs to be done. What do you mean, what are we focused on?”

Today’s faithful church people are tired. They put more time into things that get smaller turnouts. They do more with fewer resources than ever. They say YES to every good idea, and spread themselves even thinner. Are there times we could faithfully say NO?

When it feels as though you are trudging slowly through thick mud, it may be time to stop and look toward your horizon. Where are you headed? Who pointed you there? How can you catch God’s Holy Gust in your sails?

If you work with a group who would like to learn more about keeping your focus simply on God’s call to you, write to Jason Misselt and ask about a Focus for Missional Action workshop.  It could be just what you are looking for.

What people are saying about this workshop:

“I realize we have been saying ‘yes’ again and again and not staying focused. We want to use God’s call to us as our measuring stick for saying yes and no.”

“We want to get a clear and specific sense of what relationships God is calling us to in God’s mission. When we listen for that clarity, we will know what to keep aimed at.”

“I love the idea that we can be faithful and also limit what we do.”