Dwelling in the World

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Looking for people God places on our path –

Learn how to do it together in our workshop.            

Testimonial from one workshop host

We want to notice God at work in the world.  We also want to meet the people God is sending us to – and people God sends to us. God is up to something when we meet strangers and even encounter people we may already know a bit.

Why are we so reluctant to talk with a stranger? Is it because we don’t want to intrude on the other person? Is it because we don’t think God might want us to listen to someone new? What if we could simply listen? Listen the other person into free speech about her job or his day or her dog or what is happening in his life?

Dwelling in the World is a workshop designed for people who would like to try listening someone into free speech but might need a little support.  To learn more or schedule a workshop e-mail Jason Misselt: jmisselt@churchinnovations.org.

What people say about this workshop:

“I learned that God is present in the people and places I encounter!”

“I enjoyed actually practicing this habit during the workshop.”

“This seminar has a theological foundation which leads to action, which invites theological reflection, which leads to action…”

“Dwelling in the World is becoming alert to the people God places in my path daily. If we are accountable within a group to do this, we hope to see where God leads us to act.”