Announcing the Kingdom of God

Practice Noticing and Naming God at Work: learn it from us in a workshop.

announcing the kingdom

We want to be the people who can see the gifts of God in our everyday lives. We believe God is still giving us things, still loving us, still triumphing over evil.

And, as faithful people, we want to do more than just notice these things. We want to say that we have seen God’s presence and work in the world.

But we are out of practice. We may not know how to do it, or we may just be unsure. And so we maybe don’t even try.

If you want to practice noticing God, Jesus, or the Holy Spirit at work in the world and be able to tell stories about it so that, when you see the Kingdom of God near you, you can point it out to others, come to or host an Announcing the Kingdom of God workshop! Email Jason ( for all the details.


What people say about this workshop:

“I learned better ways of sharing my own understanding of how God is active in the world.”

“There are tools for ‘confirming’ what is the kingdom of God, such as ‘fruits of the Spirit’.”

“I liked noticing God in the present moment, naming God, and being empowered by it.”

“This day was time well spent.”