Lori Wiersma, Minister of Administration, Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MI

Testimonial from Lori Weirsma, Minister of Administration, Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MIMay, 2016

Here are my big take-aways from Church Innovations’ We Are Here Now  process:

Church of the Servant was significantly shaped by the Deep Listening to the Spirit and with each other. This listening occurred at every step of the discovery process. Our ministry staff and teams and small groups are carrying this Deep Listening practice forward as part of our culture and life together as a congregation.

Our Steering Team was so grateful and appreciative of our CI Consultant Dr. Pat Ellison. She guided, reassured, reminded and taught us on how to best steer this process in our unique context. Her experiences with working with so many different congregations over this past 25 years were so evident in the wisdom she shared with us.

Don’t rush the process! Our team initially thought we could and should complete the in about 8 months. This was foolish thinking on our part! Our steering team realized with Pat’s encouragement after the Time Line event that we needed time to process and catch our breath and prepare for our Cottage meetings. We ended up completing the We Are Here Now Process with Pat in 12 months.

The We Are Here Now materials are very helpful and led us through the various parts of the process…in between our conversations with Pat.

As the church administrative staff person on the team, I deeply valued Pat’s regular check-ins with me on how things were progressing and what issues needed to be addressed. Her calm tone and encouraging words meant so much as we faced some hurdles in our process. She kept me focused on the next steps. Pat knows her stuff! She knows how to work with all types of groups, behaviors and change.

Our steering team truly respects the ministry of Church Innovations and their coaching staff. The staff is so comfortable to work with and it was very apparent that they deeply love coaching churches.  We truly felt cared for by the staff.

Lori Wiersma / Minister of Administration
3835 Burton Street SE  Grand Rapids, MI 49546
P: <616>956-7611 *Ext. 25  F: <616>956-3269

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