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Dwelling in the Word

Here are the steps for Dwelling in the Word: 1. Start with a prayer, inviting the Spirit to guide your attending to the Word of God. 2. Turn to Luke 10:1-12. Later you may choose your own passage, a story related to the story of your group’s work. But start with Luke 10: 1-12, because […]

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Ichtheology 2015

This year’s Ichtheology gathering was held the last week of July.  One of the participants, Dr. Elaine Heath, co-founder and leader of the Missional Wisdom Foundation and McCreless Professor of Evangelism, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University, had this to say about her experience: Ichtheology 2015 was a beautiful and challenging experience that combined […]

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Exciting PMC-UK news

After participating in an introductory session in early June, two new Partnership for Missional Church (PMC) clusters in the UK anticipate beginning this fall.  One cluster will form in the Diocese of Oxford and the other will form in the Diocese of Durham.  We are pleased to welcome these two new clusters, which are the first clusters to be formed […]

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