Hospitality Infuses Church Vitality

Sometimes church can feel like the same-old same-old. That can be nice and comfortable, especially if you are friends with some of those same-old same-old people and like the predictability of the same-old same-old length and style of worship service. You know what you are going to find when you go there, and you have learned to like it that way.

pexels-photo-120173-mediumFlowers planted in the same old flower bed in front of your house can experience a loss of vitality. Bulbs that come up year after year can produce paler and paler blooms. You may not even notice this phenomenon, but the people walking or driving past your house may notice it. Before long your flower display to the world is paler, weaker with less vitality than you’d like.

Vital flower gardens and vital churches require an infusion of new energy, elements, and edginess to turn the soil, fertilize, and revitalize life in that place. But it means that the garden or the church has to get disturbed routinely to promote vitality. The soil must be turned. New and different things get introduced with care not to kill the old but to infuse the garden with new life. Hospitality  is the missional spiritual practice that Church Innovations teaches that helps you not only welcome newness into your church, but also accept the welcome of others out in the wide world. It brings a little discomfort and change, but it results in vitality.


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