Fix My Church

When things don’t work the way they used to, people feel a sense that something is broken and needs to be fixed. And the quick fix seems better than the big picture adjustment. But a church is a social group amid many other social groups. More than anything else, it’s a set of relationships. And if you’ve ever tried to fix a relationship, you know it’s complicated.


It helps to be able to claim the purpose of the relationship – why are you there? To help whom? To connect whom? How can you fix your church? You can think through why you feel it’s broken, how it works now compared to what you feel worked better. This thinking-through process involves a lot of listening to both one another within the church group and to others outside the church group. To fix things to work in the present time, you need to work through your efforts from past to present and learn what you are like when things are working well, over time.  We Are Here Now  is one of Church Innovations’ ways of helping you learn who you are, what has worked for you, and what God’s preferred and promised future for your church might be, so that you can fix your church by claiming God’s work for you to do and focusing your energy and gifts in that direction. It’s not a quick fix, but it works.

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