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Overview: Church FutureFinder is an on-line resource for congregational discovery. It helps congregations discern God's preferred and promised future through an intensive process of self-discovery and careful reflection. Twelve windows analyze different facets of how the congregation interacts with itself and its surrounding community. The deliberate process of reflection yields tremendous benefits as users consider the data and interpret it in small groups.  The interior and community interviews sections and the four reflections sections are all customizable allowing the congregation to ask questions of importance to their own situation.

Audience: Individuals and small groups can use CFF to learn more about their congregation during a building project or a call process. Judicatory personnel, clergy and lay leaders all use CFF during the first two phases of the Partnership for Missional Church process as a way to help the cluster's congregations learn about themselves and the other congregations in their cluster. Seminaries as diverse as Luther (St. Paul, MN), Princeton Theological Seminary and Abielene Christian University have used CFF in various classroom settings to give students the opportunity for intensive congregational study. And congregation researchers use CFF both to gather and analyze information.

Time and Resources: CFF is best done as a small group comprised of 5 - 8 people with a diverse set of skills including interviewing, number crunching, data gathering and writing. The entire process can take anywhere from a few weeks to two or three months depending upon how the group is organized. Seminaries wishing to use CFF should contact us for pricing options. Congregations using CFF as part of the Partnership for Missional Church do not incur additional costs. Individual congregations incur a small charge for using the full access account (customizable version) of CFF, a printed User Guide and technical support. Congregations may use chose to use CFF for free, but will not be able to customize it, receive a User's Guide or receive technical support.

Getting Started: Visit the CFF Resources page to learn more about CFF resources. For free CFF access go to the main CFF site and sign up as a "new user." A full access account and a User Guide can be purchased from our store. You may also want to download, read and share with others the additional resources provided at right. To learn more, contact us at, or by phone at (651) 644-3653 or (888) 223-7631.

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