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Features: Consulting, Research, Workshops


Many local churches today feel that something is wrong – that they are missing something. They don’t look the way they did in the past, and they don’t have the energy or resources they used to. They look for easy ways to fix this feeling, but none of them work for very long.

At Church Innovations we know about this “not right, something’s missing” feeling. Thousands of local churches all over the world are feeling it, now even more than 30 years ago when we began to work on ways to respond to what was happening. God is always at work in God’s mission in and for the world. When a church finds their part of that mission, they find calling, purpose, and energy.

Recent Posts

  • Measuring Church Vitality

    Measuring Church Vitality

    In our conversations with church leaders, both clergy and lay, the matter of church vitality often enters the conversation.  And the conversation then raises the question, how does one measure the vitality of a church?  Is it measured by the number of different programs the church offers, or by the size of their annual budget, […]Read More »
  • Fix My Church

    Fix My Church

    When things don’t work the way they used to, people feel a sense that something is broken and needs to be fixed. And the quick fix seems better than the big picture adjustment. But a church is a social group amid many other social groups. More than anything else, it’s a set of relationships. And […]Read More »
  • Thoughts on Church Renewal

    Thoughts on Church Renewal

    When one of your friends comes back from a trip, a vacation road trip or a mission trip or chaperoning a youth gathering, you know how they say, “Yeah, it was a lot of work (driving, building things, coordinating kids...), but I got so energized. There were some big moments when I felt really alive […]Read More »
  • Framing Levels of Conflict

    Framing Levels of Conflict

    Check out this video to identify and understand various levels of conflict.Read More »
  • Brian McLaren’s video on CI’s ministry

    Brian McLaren’s video on CI’s ministry

    Brian McLaren was nice enough to share this video highlighting what he sees as 5 key factors regarding the ministry of Church Innovations.Read More »
  • Dwelling in the Word

    Dwelling in the Word

    Here are the steps for Dwelling in the Word: 1. Start with a prayer, inviting the Spirit to guide your attending to the Word of God. 2. Turn to Luke 10:1-12. Later you may choose your own passage, a story related to the story of your group’s work. But start with Luke 10: 1-12, because […]Read More »

Recent Testimonials

  • Church of the Servant Steering Team

    Church of the Servant Steering Team

    Video of Steering Team reflecting on the crucial listening that happens in We Are Here Now consulting that changes the congregation's cultureRead More »
  • Lori Wiersma and Tracey Gebbia, Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MI

    Lori Wiersma and Tracey Gebbia, Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MI

    Testimonial Interview: Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MI – conversation between Lori Wiersma, Minister of Administration, and Tracey Gebbia, long-time congregant and Steering Team Member   Where were you in the life of your congregation that you wanted to do a bit of self-studying? Our senior pastor of 32 years was going to be […]Read More »
  • Lori Wiersma, Minister of Administration, Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MI

    Lori Wiersma, Minister of Administration, Church of the Servant, Grand Rapids, MI

    May, 2016 Here are my big take-aways from Church Innovations’ We Are Here Now  process:   Church of the Servant was significantly shaped by the Deep Listening to the Spirit and with each other. This listening occurred at every step of the discovery process. Our ministry staff and teams and small groups are carrying this […]Read More »
  • Brian McLaren

    Brian McLaren

    Brian McLaren likes Church Innovations for 5 reasons. Here's what he says: Since 1990, Church Innovations’ research staff has combined both quantitative data and applied ethnography (deep listening) to help congregations discern what God is doing in their communities. This depth of experience has led to refined processes and tools that support congregations and church bodies […]Read More »
  • Church FutureFinder Users

    Church FutureFinder Users

    Praise for Church FutureFinder “Through the CFF process we discovered that we don’t “fit” culturally with the area. Our community has a large immigrant refugee population, and now white flight and Hispanic flight has been happening for ten years and the congregation is still living 20 years in the past.  This has illustrated some of […]Read More »
  • Brian McLaren

    Brian McLaren

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